Kick Shins in Santa Rosa

This is the first album produced by Kick Shins. It was recorded on an old analogue 4-track machine on 29 April 1990 in the Hewlett-Packard office at Winnersh in a room called Santa Rosa. This building has since been demolished and replaced by a Sainsbury supermarket. All tracks were recorded in a single day’s session and most tracks were recorded in one single, live take.

As you can imagine, we did not use any sophisticated recording equipment and so the sound is a little rough and ready. Nevertheless, we think it has its own charm, and for posterity we thought we’d like to produce a CD copy, since the original copies were issued only on cassette tape and most were wearing out. With the wonders of digital technology the original master was copied onto a PC and, using Cubase, some of the worst noises were taken out. Unfortunately, the original master has a lot of analogue hiss and mains hum. To take this out completely would leave virtually no signal, so please forgive the odd noises.

The Hullichan Jig / The New Rigged Ship / Major Mackie’s Jig / The Perfect Cure
The Curly Headed Ploughboy / Bonny Breast Knot
The Man In The Moon / The Star Of County Down