Stuart Barry plays melodeon and guitar as well as doing most of the calling. A founder member of Kick Shins he has played occasionally with the Aldbrickham Band and called for several other bands.

Ray Brunton joined Kick Shins very soon after we formed and has played with us regularly since 1983.  Ray plays fiddle and hurdy-gurdy. 

Alan Barwise plays drums.  He has played regularly with Kick Shins since 2004, as well as playing with many other bands, such as Alan Clayson and the Argonauts and Kindred Spirit.

Andy Lavery joined Kick Shins on a regular basis in 2004.  He plays keyboard for Kick Shins, but in other musical lives is a singer/songwriter and plays guitar.  He has played with numerous bands over the years, most recently with Alan Clayson and the Argonauts, Wheelwright’s Bane and a tour covering the music of Jacques Brel.

Dave Williams was a founding member of Kick Shins. He left for a few years for family and work reasons, but re-joined in 2019. Dave plays recorder, trumpet and tin whistle. He originally played bodhran as well, but this was banned due to fire risk: tuning required heating the bodhran with a gas burner.

Erica Scott joined the band for occasional gigs and recordings starting with our French tour in 2018. She now performs regularly with Kick Shins. Erica is a music teacher and professional musician, playing with other groups and orchestras, and bringing some discipline to our occasional wayward interpretation of musical scores. A multi-instrumentalist, Erica plays flute with Kick Shins.

Paul Critchfield joined the band for our French tour in 2018 and has performed regularly with us since. A multi-instrumentalist and singer, Paul generally plays bass but occasionally stands in on drums. Paul also performs with other folk and jazz bands.